Tuesday, June 19, 2007

US H1B Protectionism

NASSCOM, the body that represents Indian software companies, has once again refuted claims made by some US senators that Indian IT companies are abusing H1B visas. H1B visas have nothing to do with US job losses and wants to speak to US senators. “H1B visa is not limited to the IT sector or Indians alone and any move to prohibit companies from hiring H1B visa holders is "protectionist",” says NASSCOM. -CNN-IBN, 30 May 2007


ugly orchid said...

ha! good one vikram!

like russell peters says when a local mentioned immigrants were stealing jobs.. "Oh I'm sorry.... but did you want to open a dollar store?"


Vikram Nandwani said...

:D Good one

Anonymous said...

American Workers are not lazy.

It is just that we won't work as cheaply as Indian workers will.

Whenever you let foreingners in to do jobs it lowers the wages of the worker. That's the problem. Sure it benefits the company but it hurts the society as a whole because of the difficult of finding a good paying job.

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon the only place most Americans will be able to shop will be the Dollar Store.

The way that corporations use immigration and foreigner workers and HB1s is having the effect of hrinking the middle class.


Anonymous said...

The way that corporations use immigration and foreigner workers and HB1s is having the effect of Shrinking the middle class.

That is why the American Middle Class needs Protectionism.

ugly orchid said...

its human nature to want better. if one country cannot provide it and another country will, legally - cant blame the foreigners for wanting to move in, can you.

asians dont just work cheaper. they work harder and for longer hours. it's one world. if one group can do it, so can another.

Vikram Nandwani said...

I think Americans cant have both - globalisation when it comes to consumer goods which they export & protectionism when it comes to skilled manpower which they import - you've got to pick one

Anonymous said...

ugly orchid please understand I hold no animosity towards the foreigners.

I hold animosity towards my own politicians who allowed it to get this way.

I hold animosity towards my own government that seems so determined to screw over the middle class every chance it gets.

Anonymous said...

Let me take that back slightly. I hold no animosity towards legal immigrants, but I do hold some animosity towards the illegal ones, especially the Mexicans.

Look if I was one of them perhaps I would break the law and go to "el Norte" (what they call America) as well. But there are some real big problems they cause.

The most violent gangs in America are Latino gangs.

California's prison population is made up of illegals.

17 percent of the federal prison population is illegals, though they are only 3 percent of the total population. (The article where this statistic comes from places it at over 29 percent.)

Up to a third of the prison poplulation is non-citizens, but not all of these are here illegally.

In 1980, less than 9000 criminal aliens were in American prisons. Now there are around 267,000 non-citizens there.

Now please understand these people are not there because of their immigration status. They committed additional crimes after coming to "El Norte", often violent ones.

One of the big problems that is occurring today is the Latino attitude towards drinking and driving. They are causing a great number of deaths due to driving while intoxicated (DWI) in America these days.

In North Carolina Hispanic drivers involved in motor vehicle crashes are more likely to be intoxicated than members of other ethnic and racial groups, according to statistics compiled by state researchers.

The study by the Highway Safety Research Center at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill was based on information from law enforcement agencies. It states that 7.04 percent of Hispanic drivers involved in crashes in 2005 were intoxicated, compared with 4.87 percent of Native Americans, 2.82 percent of whites and 2.28 percent of blacks.

And then a year ago on May 1st (the communist big holiday) they had major protests with people waving the foreign flag of Mexico (as well as I am sure other Latin American Counties but predominately Mexico) threating the citizens of America. So, yeah, I hold some animosity towards them, but not to the H1B foreigners (though I do believe our H1B policy does hurt the middle class but I blame my government and not the foreigners for that).

Anonymous said...

Half of California's prison population are illegals. And again they are there not because of their illegal status but because of other crimes, often violent crimes, that they committed after coming to "el Norte".

ugly orchid said...


i guess you do have a point [with the illegal immigrants]. going to a foreign land for your personal gain, destroying life and land of the people of that country in the process...

please dont take this personally but who would know better about being where you're not wanted, than america would.

Randy said...

Hi, I'm American Randy Seemiller!!!!! Your cartoon sucks. My countrymen's average IQ is 10 points higher than yours and I work my butt of and dnon't eat pizzas -- I eat COWS cause God put them there for man to eat! And although the greedy corps in my country have sold me out, my countrymen do not cheat on SATs, GREs, etc. as you and the Chinese do in your culture (would you like links?). Wake up and realize you too are a pawn in the game of multinational greed... already folks are looking to move IT work to China because wages have inflated in your country.

As for H-1B.. I can personally attest to this (as someday you will too): due to the H-1B visa crisis importing cheaper foreign labor to the greedy US corps, my wages are 30% lower the last four years than they were before.

I became an activist when I learned about H-1B fraud seven years ago -- a watershed event happened a few weeks ago that has received national attention -- many H-1Bs were brought into this country to do high-tech work as corporations lied and screamed (and still scream) "skills shortage" -- like the abortion deal in the late 1960s and early 1970s, they lied and lobbied -- several of my mentors have tried hard to expose the fallacies and lies in the special-interest groups "studies" -- all lies that even the government agreed with us (GAO report). The intent of the original legislation was to only give out H-1B visas when no qualified and interested Americans were available (and to make a "good faith" effort to find one). We say that they were available and that corporations and immigration lawyers systematically took advantage of loopholes designed to protect the American workers. Once they get their H-1B, they are supposed to be there for three years (renewable for 3+1 more years) -- but the employer quite often ends up sponsoring them for a "green card" which is the first step towards citizenship and allows them to stay 3 to 4 more additional years. This sponsorship is called the "P.E.R.M" process and since the H-1B was temporary for (supposed) skills shortages, the employer, with immigration lawyers assistance, is supposed to go through a more rigorous process to again find a qualified and interested American worker. Now watch these videos (must watch):


Watch these two smoking gun videos and share your thoughts with me?

I'll pay you 50 cents to come up with a caricature to depict how corps and lawyers and Tata, Infosys, Wipro, A$$hole, etc. all greedily conspire to destroy labor whether here or in your country and how stupid you are for not getting this and instead disparing the American worker. This got quite a bit of coverage -- the law firm of Cohen and Rigsby committed a major blunder by posting 20 videos of their May 15th H-1B seminar -- and we got a hold of it and exposed them, once and for all. Did you hear about this?

The response to this "smoking gun" video was (Sen-R) Grassley of Iowa and (Rep.-R) Lamar Smith of Texas sent these nasty letters to Cohen and Rigsby and Sec. of Labor Elaine Chao (evil pro-greed person, trust me). Their letter is documented in HTML format on http://grassley.senate.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=PressReleases.Detail&PressRelease_id=5443&Month=6&Year=2007Read it and draw a cartoon on how you H-1Bs knowingly contribute to this scam!!


Vikram Nandwani said...

Dear American Randy

I am sorry but my IQ is zero :D
& Cows - SHIT... you got me all flustered with that one :)

A maybe someday I will find the patience to read your comment further

ugly orchid said...

the american IQ is 10 times higher? i'm guessing you have made that statement with sufficient proof at hand. i mean i could easily say my a** has an IQ 10 times higher than the avg american IQ, but that doesnt make it true does it?

yes yes i am being a wise a** ;-)

a friend [coincidentally an indian too] and i had attended a semester at a local college. a course in psychology and with hardly any effort we were the toppers in our class of 40. and the effort we put in - we're not even proud of. they give you the questions a week before the exam.

in india they call that cheating


Anonymous said...

Take your collective subcontinental talents( ie, lie like bastards, get Americans to do your job, etc ), your fucking Dunkin Donuts outlets, your roachbag motels, and get the fuck back to Asia, where you two faced money grubbing bastards belong.

ugly orchid said...


Anonymous said...

My prediction is India will have a revolution similar to Russia and China. However, it will be even more violent.

This revolution will purge the varna system once and for all. The varna system is embedded in the culture and has caused misery for untolled years.

Beyond the hype is the reality.


Anonymous said...

As an H1-B enjoying my 6-digit salary at 30, I feel the program makes complete sense.

Given the stupid white trash that throng the red states and breed like rodents (pro-life Christian morons) and spend more than they make, America will continue to be accumulate its large debt.

I have already begun to pay my full share of 6% up to $97000 in annual income and assuming I do so for another 35 years, it will be my hard work that feeds some of these useless idiots, as the social security system dries up.

And given that many H1-Bs won't stay in the US long enough (who wants to stay in a 3rd rate country), they likely won't see a penny of the social security benefits that they get taxed for nonetheless.

So stop complaining. While the boomers' parents fucked their way through more kids than they could support, that same generation will likely enjoy social security and Medicare thanks to my H1-B taxes.

Use your stupid guns and shoot down some of those guys hopping the border. Stop focusing on those of us with an IQ of 150 and PhDs who are here to do a favor.

Anonymous said...

rightly said about h1b taxes. It's a common mistake us citizens do to compare cheap labor from boarder states with overseas talent. btw.. see the stats from DOL. Most of the H1B have to be paid with prevailing wages or more (not less). So I don't see a point in complaining about cheap tech jobs taken by H1B. And honestly tell me any country in world where citizens won't abuse legal systems. Randy, I am confident if you would have taken a law school you would be the first one to do so..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - you are giving advice on birth control? Please...Are you telling me that you have an IQ of 150? That is a lie, like most everything any indian says. And you also have a PhD - thats another lie. Go back to your home country and impress them with your brains - you obviously detest being in the United States - azz hole

Anonymous said...

Myth 1: H1b workers are paid less.. this is totally false, every h1b prick that I know who came here on a student visa makes 80k to 140k in the silicon valley. Try 80k for the 1st job ever!!! I'm speaking only for electrical engineering.

Student visas ruin american youths' chance to get a job ...

graduated 2007, with BS electrical engr.. applied for 200 jobs..
no interview.. not even one!

Reason.. no experience.. I'm honest..

I asked a h1b how he got the job, he said he faked his resume and experience. I don't know why a BS degree doesn't do a damn thing anymore.. only experience counts..
so they fake it.

Is high tech expected to lie on the resume just to get noticed!

If this is the norm.. someone forgot to tell me..

Bottom line: In today's world honesty does not cut it..

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the H1b visa. What the hell is with the cap?! If there is a business need for a European Ivy League magna cum laude graduate who speaks 5 languages (i.e. me), let him in!

What I disapprove is the fact that a company can apply multiple times for the same person. Indian IT companies have a history of applying up to 3x per applicant...

50% of H1b visas go to India... isn't there smth wrong going on there?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2 blogs up. You applied for 200 jobs in 07 and didn't get an interview??!! Man you must s#ck! And you must have graduated from a community college or smth. I graduated in 07, and the job market was paradise. It was not about "did you get a job", it was "how many job offers did you get". My year, the average (ivy league) graduate got 2.3 offers on average. I got 4.

H1B applicants tend to be more mature as they have experienced different cultures, and had to adapt. Also, Universities in the US only take the best foreign applicants. So the kids who come from abroad are super bright.

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile 600,000,000 Indians take a crap on the ground everyday.

Where was lazy open-defecating India while Americans invented IT?

Anonymous said...

Fuck these H1B sandies. And all these claims about them being smarter? How about a motherfucking dresscode and quit shitting all day long. I don't give a fuck how smart you are at coding, the first step should be a pair of shoes that go with your clothes, dumb motherfuckers.

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