Sunday, November 26, 2006

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide

"If they have to salvage anything from this tour the Indians will have to start showing some character or this is going to end in a disgrace. It was a gutless showing. I've never seen anything like this before," Shastri said. - PTI, 24 November 2006

Small Favour

Until now, Rs 18 crore has been released for seeds and Rs 50 crore for tools. However, just like the 75% subsidy for cows — as reported in The Indian Express yesterday — both these offers have had little impact on the ground. Instead of 2.5 lakh quintals that was needed, only 1 lakh quintals was supplied through Mahabeej, the state government’s seed marketing unit. Result: it reached only 40% farmers in a quantity just about enough to plant a tiny patch of land in the backyard. - Indian Express, 22 November 2006

All Play & No Work Makes Baburao a MP

Winter session: Day I adjourned after tributes, oath-taking. - Indian Express, 23 November 2006