Sunday, August 13, 2006

Not Saral Anymore

The tax department has rushed to amend the ‘Saral’ Form 2F and demand detailed cash-flow statements with opening and closing balance. The presumption is that every salaried person is a tax-evader who has made loads of money on the capital market and is hiding it in undeclared bank accounts. Salaried people have no scope for evasion or falsification since the tax is directly deducted.

Why hound and penalise all salaried employees by asking for detailed cash flow statements or opening and closing balances? How is it in the nation’s interest for tax payers to be treated like potential evaders and petty scamsters when there is daily evidence of rampant corruption in most government decisions especially those involving politicians and big business?
- Perils of alienating honest tax payers, Sucheta Dalal; Indian Express, 31 July 2006


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